How to get cold hair shades?

23. 12. 2019

Are you a cold hair type? We are all different and each woman looks different. What suits a friend may look different on your hair. Choosing the right shade is not a science. Do not forget that makeup and dress style will influence a lot whether or not a particular shade fits you. When dyeing with VOONO hair dyes you will influence the resulting shade by the water temperature.

Cold type:

Warm type:

WARNING: Pour all cold shades mentioned in this article by hot water at 50 degrees Celsius. Warmer water could create unwanted warm tone!


Cold light brown hair color

Cold medium brown hair color

Cold dark brown hair color

VOONO TIP: Dark Brown is a rich brown color without red tones. Coffee or black tea decoction can be added to the color.


Cold soft black hair color

Cold dark red hair color

Cold blue black hair color

Cold brown black hair color

Photo credit: Pinterest