How much henna to use on your hair?

10. 10. 2021

Are you going to dye your hair with henna for the first time, and don’t know how much color to use? 

We have a short overview for you. You will learn how much powder to mix in hot water so that you have enough mixture for the entire length of your hair.





How much mixture do you need?



To make matters more complicated, the amount of henna needed is individual. It very much depends on the length and density of your hair. But what can be said for sure? Definitely don’t save on powder. More is better than less. If you don’t have enough for the entire length of your hair, there is a risk that a part of your hair will remain uncolored. In addition, if you only apply a small amount of henna to your hair it may cause your hair to dry as the natural color absorbs water directly from the hair fiber.



In addition to dying hair, henna also moisturizes and nourishes it, therefore there is no need to skimp while using it. For a perfect result, a really thick layer is needed, thanks to which the hair will regenerate and thus end up shiny and smooth after coloring.






The coloring mixture should have the consistency of runny yogurt (imagine Greek, for example). If the mixture is too thick, you risk drying your hair and also consuming more color than necessary.


You will learn how to dye your hair with henna in this video.


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